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Player’s Handbook 3.5(July 2003):¬†

female male unknown female dress passive female dress neutral female dress active female stance passive female stance neutral female stance active male dress passive male dress neutral male dress active male stance passive male stance neutral male stance active
25 40 0 0 7 18 2 13 10 3 11 26 2 24 12
38.5% 61.5% 0% 0% 28.0% 72.0% 8.0% 52.0% 40.0% 7.5% 27.5% 65.0% 5.3% 63.2% 31.6%

 This has the same caveats as my last post on the subject, and some additonal notes:

Two of the male “passive dress” notes are in fact naked, both line drawings from chapter headings with the relevant bit carefully smudged out; one of these is a half-and-half, with the left half of the body naked and the other in full plate. I listed it as two different images. One passive stance is Krusk, the iconic barbarian, as the iconic cleric Jozan steps on his head to climb a cliff–Krusk may be helping, but one of the definitions of “passive” we’re using is “doesn’t want to be doing this”, and Krusk has a look of pain on his face. Lidda, the rogue, shown as an example of what happens when Use Magic Device goes wrong, was listed as passive; she is active when dodging a ray because she’s being attacked but is doing something about it. None of the miniatures in the combat chapter are listed because they’re hard to identify as humanoid, much less male or female, just by looking at them. The small figure blocked by prismatic wall seems to be male, but I could be wrong, and is listed as passive. The target of raise dead is about as passive as it’s possible to get, and was listed as such.


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