The Quote File

Real People I Don’t Know Personally

The main reason I included the caveat was that very few people (the exception being pure communists) ever suggest that carpenters shouldn’t be paid for their work. You basically never hear “trim molding wants to be free.” But I am constantly encountering “information wants to be free” and “art should be done for love not money” and “anyone who does art for the money isn’t really an artist.” —Kelly McCullough, on Making Light

Pretty much any beastie in the World of Darkness presented so far can be killed by a small group of intelligent humans who take care to investigate first and commit arson later. —Prof Phobos, discussing the prospective “hunters” nWoD game on the White Wolf forums

[Mohinder’s] power seems to be making those around him into gormless idiots. —From the Heroes “It Just Bugs Me” page on

The first major blanching-moment for the hearty Classicist comes when he or she says “Ho there, my good language, let me see your present indicative paradigm!”….It’s worth pointing out here that this level of explanation is required to get us to the ‘Caecilius est in horto’ stage of the language. —Bo, the blogger of THE CANTOS OF MVTABLITIE

It’s everything to do with stereotypes that come from aping Tolkien and nothing to do with one’s native language. Tolkien had his goodraces go lalathielieliennennaetheth and badraces go ugbluzbarghburz, so we treat it like it’s part of how the world works. —Berek, on the Zompist BBoard

Prayer is not the cheat code for the Universe. —OtterB, on Making Light

You can get a monkey to pass medical school by teaching him to say “It varies.” The monkey will graduate in the top half of his class if you can also teach him to say “We see that sometimes.” —Jim Macdonald, on Making Light

In Conversation

No, sorry, all the cheesecake is encased in lead. —Marc G., in gaming

Tell me [the Armenian alphabet] isn’t “Elven Dyslexia for Central Asians”.–Shawn Knight


Well, when I was here last year some of the workshops were great, but a few really sucked. —A man on the street, discussing the Annual Conference on Bipolar Disorder

Fictional Characters

If I wanted puppydog eyes on me all the time, I’d get a puppy. —Allison Cameron

I think they picked the heart to be the metaphorical feeling center because nothing rhymes with ‘pancreas’. —Gregory House

I don’t want all the marbles. It’s death for me to have marbles in my possession, remember? —Miles Vorkosigan

You haven’t seen my drawer of inappropriate starches! —Topher

Songs and Poetry

In the elder days of art
builders wrought with greatest care
each minute and unseen part,
for the gods see everywhere.

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