I Am Bad At Updating

I’ve got no excuse.  It’s just been that kind of…well, year at this point.

I’m only recently back from Pennsic, at which I was in a play (six lines, no waiting.  Well, actually, lots of waiting).  A friend was knighted.  I didn’t go to any classes this year, as I was in large part busy working on the costume for the play.  But I did get to play D&D.


OK, Pennsic.

I wore my cotehardie for intercamp dinner Monday evening, and discovered that a skin tight dress one makes before losing 40 pounds does not provide the necessary support after the loss.  So Tuesday morning I put it on inside-out and Morgana marked it for me.  Ladies and gentlemen, that dress lost 6 inches of circumference easily, and could probably stand to lose a bit more.  But I don’t care, because I can wear it now.  I’m told it looks good, too, which is always a bonus.

I went to the audition for Anne of the Thousand Days after all; it may be a classic, but I don’t like it.  If I get a role, we’ll see whether I actually want to get back into theater for real.  Sadly, I suspect I’m shallow enough that the decision will largely rest on what part I get.

I attended one class, which was not even roughly as advertised and kind of put me off classes–it claimed to be Fabric Wall Hangings, and the description talked about getting period effects with modern materials.  What it actually was, was “Here are brands of fabric paint I use”.  Hi: I can’t draw, so your fabric paint does me no good.  I left when she pulled out the stencils.

The problem is, I love Pennsic, and I love my camp, but Shauna has so much shit it’s unbelievable.  Last night, after two days of instantly doing whatever she told me, and most of three hours slinging lumber into the trailer, with the moon rising and the sun well down, I basically walked out of camp without saying goodbye because if I tried to talk to her I was going to fucking strangle her, I was so tired.  We got back from the trailer and I was like, hey, time for me to go get Liam so we can go home–I should note that the entirety of La Familia had decamped for dinner because unlike Shauna, Ajax is not completely insane, and thus she and I were the only people around.  But no, we had to move her bed out of the toolshed.  Fine, did that.  Then stuff from the toolshed needed to go into the rental truck.  OK, so we did that and I’m all ready to go get in the car and get Liam when she starts taking the toolshed down.  So we did that.  She tried to get me to help her figure out how to collapse it, and at that point I simply started being stupid at her.  It got worked out in the end, and I stuffed the cover bits in the bag and said I was leaving and that was as civil as I could manage.  Made it to Clovenshield, greeted friends I hadn’t seen in months by bursting into tears out of sheer fatigue, and we finally got home at about 10:30.  But at least Clovenshield gave me bacon.

The Packing, It Has Commenced

Since I’m going to the airport to pick up Ajax this afternoon, and he will then be taking the Cavalier to drive up for landgrab tomorrow morning, I had to put stuff in it before leaving for work.  I put in: my garb, two sleeping bags, a comforter, the futon, and the small canvas tent for the use of our end-of-War guest.  That means that what we have to fit in the Aveo is the big tent, Liam’s garb, pillows and sheets, toiletries, and whatever sundries we’re bringing (books, cloaks, projects, stuffed animals…).  This should be doable.

Next question is, what do I want to take up for projects?  I have this pair of socks that can be knocked off in an afternoon or less, and probably my tablet weaving.  I think Boreas should go, now that it has a spiffy bag to live in.  I’m not taking the wheel up this year, I don’t think, both because of logistics and because I didn’t work with it much last year.  And possibly the Hwaet socks, for when I feel like being less finicky than Boreas but not totally mindless.

Seriously, didn’t we get back from last War like, two weeks ago?

I Am Not Embroidering This

OK, tunic body put together, sleeves not yet attached; about another hour of work to go.

I am not going to do the embroidery on this one.  It’s from the LotR-film-inspired series of patterns from a few years ago, the one that you can make Elrond‘s robe from, and it wants embroidery on the collar and front.  I’m not going to do that, because it will render the thing even less period; Liam doesn’t care, but darn it I do.  I embroidered the last one, but only under protest.

Fortunately it’s a costume pattern, and thus pretty simple.  All I have to do is put the sleeves in and attach the collar.  Set-in sleeves are slightly annoying, but pretty easy.

Sew Faster

When I get home I should get out the sewing machine.  I have fabric for a second tunic for myself, and I should hem another palla; meanwhile Liam wants an actual shirt, and we have to decide who has rights to the yellow linen that’s been sitting in the basement for two years–at this point, I don’t remember who we bought it for.

Fortunately I have four evenings to get this all done.  Friday evening we’ll be out with Ajax, so no sewing, but everything I want for myself is a matter of fifteen minutes with the machine and only slightly longer even by hand.



OK.  I have three stolae, and fabric for one more.  I only have one tunica, but I can probably get another yard or two  of linen over the weekend; one yard of 54″ fabric makes a quite nice tunica for me.   Luckily the stolae can pretend to be chitons if the tunica is dirty. I’ll take my good shift, bodice and skirt, but I should really take the bodice in an inch or two because I got it before the weight loss.  The black shift dress, otherwise known as “really fancy for the Dark Ages”, will go for cool evenings.  I don’t know as I’m going to have an event fancy enough to require the blue bliaut or the red cotehardie, but in both cases the underpinnings need to be washed so I should look into that.  My cloak will go up, but more as extra bedding than because I’m going to need it otherwise.  My odds of obtaining tropical-weight wool to make strophia from before War are nil, so that’s a project for next year, but I think I might be able to manage a second palla.

I need to put buttonholes in Liam’s new red Chinese thingie, and look into fixing one or two of his tunics.  Perhaps I can hide the horrid Celtic knotwork tunic thing before he packs it?


Yes, caffiene will make you have to pee more often.  But the suboptimal drink that you’ll drink is better than the perfect drink that you won’t.

If you need to be hydrated–and you do–and the only thing you can tolerate cold is Coke or iced tea or whatever?  Drink that, only more of it.  Alcohol is still bad, because it uses up water in its processing, but caffiene?  Eh.

I’m thinking of Pennsic here, of course, but it applies to anyone living in a hot climate.

Weather Happens

Much as I would like to be working on garb right now, it’s too darn hot to be running a sewing machine.  I expect it’ll be cooler shortly, and then I might be willing to bust out the Singer, but for now I have pieces cut out and I’m going to call that a win.


One always needs more garb.  Fortunately I discovered the stola last year, and as a result sewing for myself for Pennsic consists of making a tube with ribbons sewn into the shoulders¹.  But Liam wants a sorta-Chinese robe thing for cool nights, and there’s actually some tailoring involved–plus, pretty much no one makes Chinese-inspired patterns to fit a guy who’s 6’3″ with a 52-inch chest.  I have to do rather a lot of extrapolating from the pattern I do have.

That said, I’m looking forward to War this year more than I have in a while.  People to see, and all that.

1: I bought fibulae, but they have gone missing.  Having the ribbons sewn in is not terribly period, I admit, but it looks pretty good so I’m running with it.

Sunny Days and Sundays

I have no idea at it is about Sunday afternoons that tends to put me in a bad mood.  Usually it’s cranky; today it’s melancholy, and not the pleasant kind.

I really wish I could get back into the SCA, or perhaps it’s that I’m sad that the SCA was never what I wanted it to be.  Pennsic is coming up, which tends to make me maunder in this direction; it’s no surprise that today’s iteration of the Bad Mood points at it.  I’m just tired of facing, yet again, the fact that politics are inescapable.

Tacky, Tacky, Tacky

Turns out Liam is acquainted with the guy who wanders around War in a leather loincloth and wreath of leaves–this is not the same as Freaky Tattooed Guy, I might add, who is kinda scary on top of being tacky. I’m not particularly surprised that Liam knows Loincloth Guy; Liam knows everyone.

Anyway, there he was in his “Hi, I’m a Pagan” getup, pretending to be Cernunnos or some damn thing, and he decided to show us a piece of jewelry he’d bought. It was a silver casting of a Neolithic petroglyph showing two men apparantly engaged in intercourse. At least, that’s what it looked like–two stick-figure guys, both with erect phalli, one in back of the other with his phallus rather shorter where it disappears into (or possibly behind, but it’s easy to interpret it as into) the other man.

Now, I’ve got no problem with Loincloth Guy being gay. It affects my life only insofar as that’s one fewer man who’s going to be talking to my chest. But damn, boy, that’s so tacky I’m not sure I can deal with it. Putting aside for a moment the concept of “an attempt at pre-17th-century clothing”, which is seemingly foreign to him, has it occurred to him that, cave painting or not, wandering about in public with jewelry showing intercourse is likely to be frowned on in most venues? It’s like the little penis pendants that become erect when you pull on their chains: I can think of times when they’re appropriate, but “running the register in a retail establishment” (the Cooper’s store, if you’re interested) isn’t one of those times.

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