The Extra Mile

Upon ordering a Coke to go with my lunch today I was told that the Coke spigot at that cash register was not working. There was another all of five feet away, mind you, but apparently it’s Not Done to use someone else’s drink dispenser. She didn’t even offer, didn’t seem to hear me when I asked if the other one was also broken.

Sometimes it’s just easier to roll your eyes and get a Dr Pepper.

Pretty Sweater

I think I may love Royale, 4 or 5 patterns down.

Paging EMS

Out for lunch, I saw a kid standing waiting for the bus. He was wearing a tuxedo, complete with black tie. OK, so, maybe he needed it for work or something? Except he was also wearing an ankle-length camel coat. Over a tux jacket and shirt, on a day when the heat index is supposed to be over 100F.

I was rather tempted to call 911 right then and there, because he’s either going to keel over at any moment or he’s a vampire or something. He wasn’t sweating, which is a bad sign.

Prolly Not

Whenever there’s an article about scientific advances and how they will change everyday life, and the headline is along the lines of “Is This What the Future Holds?” or “A Glimpse of Life in the Future?” or the like, the answer is almost invariably1 “No.”

We are stunningly bad at working out how society will react to things.  In 1980, who could have pictured calling someone and having a reasonable question be “Where are you?”

1: I am not willing to say it’s always “No”, as people get things right sometimes out of sheer chance.

So Here’s the Thing

Let’s say that we believe Sarah Palin when she says she’s Trig’s biological mother.   Despite the pictures and the inconsistencies and the inexplicable refusal to produce a birth certificate, let’s say we buy the story anyway.

That means that Sarah Palin was willing to risk her own life, and the life of her child, by taking an 18-hour trip including two commercial flights, a layover, and an hour on snowy, winding back roads, to get to a small local hospital that didn’t have the facilities to handle the problems her child was likely to have (assuming he wasn’t born at 35,000 feet, because remember labors get shorter with more pregnancies), when she had started the day literally blocks from one of the best medical centers in the US.

Is that the kind if judgement you want in one of the leaders of your country?  Personally I would actually feel better about her for trying to cover up for her daughter–if she hadn’t then thrown the same daughter under the bus later, that is.

Street Things

  • Once again my iron is too low to donate (though too high to count as actual anemia).  I think I’m just going to have to break down and start taking an iron pill.
  • Saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that said “$5 footlong”, with an arrow pointing to his crotch.  Classy.  Also, dead sexy, amiright?
  • OMGhumid
  • I have no objections to women wearing headscarves if they want to, but how do they stand it on days like today?