What To Do?

I have some lovely wool felt that I bought from Three Sheep Studios on Etsy, and I have no idea what to do with it.  The colors, naturally, are what got me; they’re the kind of deep, nuanced jewel tones that I can’t resist.  I’ve got a 6×8 inch piece of each of seven colors; each piece is about half the size of a sheet of paper.

I don’t know what to do!  I mean, wall hangings and embroidery and the like are great, but it’s not as if my house is precisely a showplace for such things.  I guess I could make something to put on Etsy myself; I’m just a little discouraged by the lack of any interest at all in anything I’ve had up in the last six months, and I admit at the moment the pickings are rather slim.

It feels wrong to just leave the fabric where I can pet it occasionally.  Meanwhile I am being tempted by this bundle, with even more gorgeous colors.  But if having some fabric I don’t know what to do with is bad, clearly having more would be worse…


Note to today’s “designer”:  Saying “Using whatever yarn you like, cast on till it’s as long as you like and knit every row, changing yarns when you like, till it’s as wide as you like”  is not a pattern.  It’s barely even an idea.  Plus, while I think your 70s-green-and-brown motif is horrific, what about the people who like it?  Might it not have been courteous to at least give them an idea of what yarns you used?  Heck, you don’t even include a yarn weight, and though there are some who might be able to work it out from the needle size (the only specification in the whole “pattern”), not everyone can.  This is about the fifth “using scrap yarn” project of the year, and it’s even less concrete than usual.  And oh yeah–since everything else is “as I like”, why do you include the instruction to put fringe on?  What if I don’t like fringe?

More Swatching

I tried doing a swatch of the dragon skin pattern with some yarn I’ve got, since it drapes about right. However, the needles were vastly too big and I need to go down at least a millimeter.

More Designing

OK, maybe not a V-neck.  Because I’ve got some new sweaters my mom bought me and the square neck is looking really nice.


I am considering a sweater I want to design.  Features I think I want:

  • Barbara Walker’s Dragon Skin texture pattern, just because it’s nifty.
  • Three-quarter sleeves, possibly with a little bit of flare.
  • A V neck, but not so deep as to cause actual cleavage (unlike Soleil, which comes this close to making me self-conscious whenever I wear it).
  • Waist shaping.
  • Bright red or emerald green; kinda leaning towards green at this point.
  • Silk, or a silk-wool blend.