The Packing, It Has Commenced

Since I’m going to the airport to pick up Ajax this afternoon, and he will then be taking the Cavalier to drive up for landgrab tomorrow morning, I had to put stuff in it before leaving for work.  I put in: my garb, two sleeping bags, a comforter, the futon, and the small canvas tent for the use of our end-of-War guest.  That means that what we have to fit in the Aveo is the big tent, Liam’s garb, pillows and sheets, toiletries, and whatever sundries we’re bringing (books, cloaks, projects, stuffed animals…).  This should be doable.

Next question is, what do I want to take up for projects?  I have this pair of socks that can be knocked off in an afternoon or less, and probably my tablet weaving.  I think Boreas should go, now that it has a spiffy bag to live in.  I’m not taking the wheel up this year, I don’t think, both because of logistics and because I didn’t work with it much last year.  And possibly the Hwaet socks, for when I feel like being less finicky than Boreas but not totally mindless.

Seriously, didn’t we get back from last War like, two weeks ago?

At Least I Know Her Name

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

Pretty sure this is where I confess I’ve never actually read an Austen novel. Not even P&P&Z.

I Am Not Embroidering This

OK, tunic body put together, sleeves not yet attached; about another hour of work to go.

I am not going to do the embroidery on this one.  It’s from the LotR-film-inspired series of patterns from a few years ago, the one that you can make Elrond‘s robe from, and it wants embroidery on the collar and front.  I’m not going to do that, because it will render the thing even less period; Liam doesn’t care, but darn it I do.  I embroidered the last one, but only under protest.

Fortunately it’s a costume pattern, and thus pretty simple.  All I have to do is put the sleeves in and attach the collar.  Set-in sleeves are slightly annoying, but pretty easy.

Sew Faster

When I get home I should get out the sewing machine.  I have fabric for a second tunic for myself, and I should hem another palla; meanwhile Liam wants an actual shirt, and we have to decide who has rights to the yellow linen that’s been sitting in the basement for two years–at this point, I don’t remember who we bought it for.

Fortunately I have four evenings to get this all done.  Friday evening we’ll be out with Ajax, so no sewing, but everything I want for myself is a matter of fifteen minutes with the machine and only slightly longer even by hand.



OK.  I have three stolae, and fabric for one more.  I only have one tunica, but I can probably get another yard or two  of linen over the weekend; one yard of 54″ fabric makes a quite nice tunica for me.   Luckily the stolae can pretend to be chitons if the tunica is dirty. I’ll take my good shift, bodice and skirt, but I should really take the bodice in an inch or two because I got it before the weight loss.  The black shift dress, otherwise known as “really fancy for the Dark Ages”, will go for cool evenings.  I don’t know as I’m going to have an event fancy enough to require the blue bliaut or the red cotehardie, but in both cases the underpinnings need to be washed so I should look into that.  My cloak will go up, but more as extra bedding than because I’m going to need it otherwise.  My odds of obtaining tropical-weight wool to make strophia from before War are nil, so that’s a project for next year, but I think I might be able to manage a second palla.

I need to put buttonholes in Liam’s new red Chinese thingie, and look into fixing one or two of his tunics.  Perhaps I can hide the horrid Celtic knotwork tunic thing before he packs it?

Hot Hot Hot

It’s going to be too hot to bike all this week; combined with missing three weeks to a flat tire, I’m fairly sure that my usual biking goal for this year is just not going to be met.

This isn’t exactly a tragedy, but it’s mildly annoying; this will be the first time I’ve failed to make the goal, including the year I had my accident.


Yes, caffiene will make you have to pee more often.  But the suboptimal drink that you’ll drink is better than the perfect drink that you won’t.

If you need to be hydrated–and you do–and the only thing you can tolerate cold is Coke or iced tea or whatever?  Drink that, only more of it.  Alcohol is still bad, because it uses up water in its processing, but caffiene?  Eh.

I’m thinking of Pennsic here, of course, but it applies to anyone living in a hot climate.

Statistically Unlikely

I’ve been playing solitaire Mahjong on my laptop a bit lately, and I’ve noticed something odd about the way the computer sets up the board. In the solitaire “turtle” layout, the middle is four columns of tiles, with a tile centered on them pyramid style; you can’t move any of the four tiles on top of those columns until that fifth tile goes away.  In the last 30 or so games I’ve played¹, there has been one in which one of the four tiles under the centered one isn’t one of its matches–that is to say, if the centered tile is 6 of spots, so is one of the four directly under it.

There are 136 tiles in a Mahjong set; any given tile has 3 others that it can match with.  So you’ve got the top, centered tile, which has three possible matches; for each of the four spots under it, there’s a 2.2% chance that they’ll be one of those matches–just over one out of 50 times.  I have forgotten precisely what transformation to apply to get the chance one of them will come up given four tries, but I’m fairly sure it should be less often than 29 games out of 30.

I have no idea whether this is a deliberate feature of the way the computer makes its layouts, and if so what purpose it serves other than to taunt the player with the knowledge that one of the most vital tiles on the board is blocking one of its own matches…

1: I haven’t kept track precisely.

Shakespeare Fanfic

I wrote this a little while ago and forgot to post it here.

“And I am sunburnt,” Beatrice says; she thinks
the Prince is making fun of her, or worse,
he’s looking to indulge his princely kinks
with Leonato’s niece. She’d laugh, or curse–
what does he think he’s doing, sitting here,
and talking like her brother or her friend?
Though sharp-eyed she can spot no frown nor sneer,
a flip remark will bring this to an end.
But “Wouldst thou have me, lady?” and she gapes
for just a second; can’t have heard that right.
A joke, then, but a gentle one, in case;
offending him would only cause a fight.
She wants someone to match her wit for wit;
Whoever might be, Pedro isn’t it.

Have Needles, Will Travel

I’m going to be at Pennsic in about a month–otherwise known as a huge collection of people who have reason to be interested in hand needlework.  And I’d like to make some money out of my mutant power; at the moment I’m in the middle of a project for KnitPicks, but it’ll be done by the time I head for War.

So what I’m wondering is if it’s worth the money to make some business cards.  And if so, what should they say?  Professional cards–expensive, but nicer–or print my own?  And that’s not even getting into the question of what I should charge for things, assuming anyone wants to hire me.

Business is hard.  Let’s go shopping.