Having found an absoultely adorable pattern through Kim Salazar’s “String or Nothing” (which you should all go read, by the way) I have spent a few days knitting pairs of baby booties out of leftover bits of yarn–mostly, leftover from socks for Liam, but also using up most of the extra from Belle Epoque.

One pair, which now resides with Megan and Bryan (don’t get excited, they aren’t expecting in the immediate future, they just liked the booties), left a piece of yarn about 18 inches long once I was done making in the ties with the clicky thing.  The black-white-and-grey Jacquard left rather more, but I think that’s partly because the cuffs weren’t as tall on those.  There’s still a fair bit of Belle Epoque’s mohair left, which I should make up into a hank for better storage.  Those are the most traditionally “baby” looking of the pairs, being a light aqua, and I made the ties out of white crochet cotton (cotton because I’m not even going to try sliding a cord made of mohair through eyelets in the same, and white because that’s what color I had that wasn’t bright red, emerald green, or black).

All in all it was a reasonably successful experiment, though it taught me an important thing: don’t buy yarn just because you like rainbow colors.  I have three skeins (one and a half already in sock form) of cotton yarn in a very cheerful rainbow progression.  Problem is, the color repeat is so short (about 20 stitches per color) that it makes for an extremely ugly sock and doesn’t look too great as a bootie either; it ended up such that any given round would be half primary color and half secondary, leading to a bootie that was orange-green-purple on one side and red-yellow-blue on the other.  I have no idea what to do with a yarn whose color repeat is too short for a bloody baby bootie, other than planning something with a 120-stitch repeat…