Note to self: stitch gauge and row gauge are not the same thing. Getting one does not guarantee getting the other.

I swatched for the stockings. I was a good 8 stitches off gauge, so I bought needles 1.25 mm smaller. I swatched again (OK, I started knitting the stockinette rolled top, on the theory that if I was getting gauge I could just keep going), and there I was, bang on 7 stitches to the inch, 28 over 4 inches. Problem is, I’m not getting 32 rows to 4 inches, more like 40.

I’m now most of the way to the ankle on stocking one.  I’m going to finish it and try it on.  If it fits, I’ll do the other one on the small needles.  If it doesn’t, I’m going to go back to the larger needles and pray–basically, hoping that the extra width will turn into extra length when worn.

On the upside, the fabric produced by the merino/linen blend is almost worth the wait it took to get it.