I’ve been levelling a druid in WoW as a pacifist–basically, I don’t kill anything.  (Well, except fish.) This involves a lot of sneaking, and a lot of corpse-running, and doing maybe 10% of the possible quests because there are really very few quests that don’t involve killing anything–and a bunch of those are part of chains that start with killing something, so no go there.

Pacifist levelling used to have a cap somewhere in the high 20s, because that was all the XP you could get from non-lethal questing and the token amount from exploration.  These days, you can in theory go all the way to 85 on XP from gathering and, if you have Cataclysm, archaeology.  Gathering from a level-appropriate node gives XP of about 1% of a level; digging up an artifact gives maybe half again as much.   And since extra herb and metal nodes were introduced, it’s rarely more than a minute or so between gathers.

It’s vastly slower, though.  Took me 3 and a half hours to get to level 5 as a pacifist; for a normal character it’s, what, 15 minutes?  I think the slowdown is getting less as I advance in level, but it’s never going to go away completely.   The upside is that two gathering professions means the character is really, really rich.

It’s kind of a neat experiment.  I don’t know if I’m going to remain interested all the way to 85–I haven’t gotten that far with any other character besides Altariel anyway–but for now it’s entertaining.

Digging Things Up

I am desperately in love with archaeology.  Most of my playing time since Cataclysm hit has been spent flying places and digging things up.  I haven’t gotten anything “useful” yet–no mounts, weapons, or pets–but I’m having a whole lot of fun with it.

To heck with Loremaster.  I can work on quests once my skill is maxed out.

Guaranteed Not to Break

The patch yesterday broke WoW on my computer.  I’ve done about a quarter of the suggested fixes, and none have worked yet; I would have done more, but I needed to, you know, sleep.  So this evening I’m going to have to try again.  I’d ask Liam to go after it, but he’s in the middle of his own update fun and I think it’d be a bad idea, especially since his bad patch is actually on the OS of his computer rather than just a game…

Ding Dong…

Last night my ICC 10 team succeeded in taking down Sindragosa.  Finally.  After about 6 months of trying.

Per tradition, I died early in the 3rd phase of the fight (though I lasted longer than usual due to being in an ice block for the first iteration of her “pull everyone in and AoE” attack).  I clicked on her and watched her hit points go down…and suddenly I realized she was under 1.5 million, and no one else had died.  And it kept going.  And she got under a million.  And then, that was it.

We all cheered.  Someone rezzed me.  We took a group shot around her head.  I got [Rimetooth Pendant] out of the deal (sorry Bleu!), which is pretty much the best hunter neck piece.

This means all we have to do is kill the Blood Queen, by all accounts an easier fight than Sindragosa, and then we can start chewing glass on Arthas.

New Experiences

I have never played a paladin before in WoW, and now a friend and I are leveling pallys together.  The idea is that when we get to a level for it, we’ll start doing randoms as a tank/healer pair, thus guaranteeing queue times of approximately as long as it takes the “Find Group” button’s message to reach the server.

We’re at 5th level now, which means we’ve still got like three powers apiece, but it should be entertaining when we start getting talents and whatnot; I’ve got a good idea of what talents are good for a healer-pally, and my buddy’s played a human paladin so often he says he could do the Deadmines* in his sleep.  I’ve even done enough research to find out what stats are good.

I am having some of my usual “This character is not a hunter” problems, starting with “Where are my minimap dots?  Why can’t I see where the mobs are?!”   And hunters are all about ranged attacks, while paladins have, essentially, no ranged attacks, so that’s going to be interesting to get used to.  At least I don’t have to do my own tanking, though.

* The first Alliance dungeon, and pretty much every quest leading up to it is in human territory.