Let It Snow, Let It Snow…Ah, Heck With It

I know it’s not official for another few weeks, but it sure looks like winter out there to me.  There’s actually snow on the ground in a few places, and it’s been sincerely cold the last couple days–not “exposed skin freezes immediately” cold, but cold enough to require hats and gloves.

Sadly, I am not feeling the winter love this year, for no readily apparent reason.  Maybe I’ll perk up when more people get their holiday lights out.


Knee Deep in De Nile

It’s November.  There was frost on the car this morning.  I can no longer even pretend to pretend that a straw bag is the thing to carry my stuff in.  Thus, I must find alternatives.

I suppose I could make a bag.  Canvas for lining, maybe, to make the sides stiff, and I could put a shoulder strap on it (which is my one problem with the straw bag: the handles are wood, and kind of sharp).  Kind of a lot of work, though.  If I could find a bag I liked, I’d buy it in a second, but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to find one.