Falling Down on the Job

I haven’t any real clue who reads this, aside from my mother (Hi, Mum!), but I am aware that I’ve been exceedingly lax these last several months; all I can tell you is that fandom has eaten my brain.

Specifically, Supernatural fandom, with occasional excursions into Sherlock and White Collar(It has just now occurred to me that all three of these feature a tall, slim dark-haired guy with intense blue eyes.  So, hey, maybe I have a type after all?)  Tell you how bad it is: I made a new LiveJournal, because all the fanfic action seems to be happening on LJ.  (No, I am not going to tell you the name.  I’m sure someone who really wants to can figure it out, but really?  No one wants to that much.)

Right now I’m in thoroughly enmeshed in this monster of a fic that’s eating my brain; I’m closing rapidly in on ten thousand words and I’m not even really out of the intro yet.  This is not what I should be writing.  I should be writing the thing for the challenge.  But drafts for that aren’t due till after Pennsic, so it’s hard to get motivation…



Jared Padalecki is 6’4″.  That’s tall, to be sure, but it doesn’t exactly make him a hulking brute, especially given that he’s not built as heavily as Jensen Ackles¹.  Now, perhaps my perspective is skewed by the number of tall people I hang out with on a regular basis², but 6’4″ isn’t giant territory, no matter what the writers of Supernatural fic seem to think.

1: Your Honor, the defense rests.  If your last name was Ackles, don’t you think you’d name your kid Paul or Michael or something?  And I’d put a small amount of money on him actually weighing more than his co-star, because he’s a burly guy.  (Also seriously hot, but that’s irrelevant.)

2: Liam is 6’3″, Jesse’s in the 2″ to 4″ range, Marc is 6’2″…