Material Experiment

I keep running across patterns for tatting that I’d like to save. But just writing down the pattern doesn’t help me, six months later, remember why I liked a particular pattern, nor is it much use when I’m going through thinking, “OK, I want something with triangular points…”  The solution is samples: short lengths of edgings or insertions, one medallion of motif patterns.

So I bought myself a cheap small notebook.  The problem then becomes what thread to use for my samples, as size 10 crochet cotton will be hopelessly bulky.  The solution?  I’m tatting my samples in Sulky rayon machine embroidery thread.  Not only is it teeny, it comes in hundreds of colors so I can have colorful samples, both for effect and to make constructions easier to see; Round 1 can be red and white while round two is gold and blue, or whatever.

There are some problems I’d like to solve before I did any real projects with the stuff; it’s basically impossible to unpick mistakes, picots have to be a little out of proportion to be used for joins, and knots that are not the larks’-heads of the tatting itself are not particularly stable, so I’d need a creative way of dealing with ends.  But for this purpose it’s great.

Sadly, I can’t use it for crochet examples; it’s just too darn thin and even my smallest hook is too big for it, plus it’s slippery as hell.  Crochet will have to be in cotton after all, if I do an example notebook for it.