Shakespeare Fanfic

I wrote this a little while ago and forgot to post it here.

“And I am sunburnt,” Beatrice says; she thinks
the Prince is making fun of her, or worse,
he’s looking to indulge his princely kinks
with Leonato’s niece. She’d laugh, or curse–
what does he think he’s doing, sitting here,
and talking like her brother or her friend?
Though sharp-eyed she can spot no frown nor sneer,
a flip remark will bring this to an end.
But “Wouldst thou have me, lady?” and she gapes
for just a second; can’t have heard that right.
A joke, then, but a gentle one, in case;
offending him would only cause a fight.
She wants someone to match her wit for wit;
Whoever might be, Pedro isn’t it.


An Empire, grown too gross in dignity,
In far-off systems our scene is laid,
Was riven by an inner mutiny
And racked by Rebels who with blood had paid
To seize the plans most secret to their foes,
And in star-crossing ships flee battle’s field;
This evil power, bringer of great woes,
Could kill the very planets; all must yield.
Therefore, a princess carries home the plans,
With agents of the Empire fell and grim
Upon her track; and she vows, if she can
To relight freedom’s torch that they would dim.
So set the stage, and so our scene will play,
So long ago, and very far away.