Frog Monster

I got just past the heel of the first of the Hwæt! socks before it occurred to me to try it on.  And lo, it was way too tight; I had to cut the contrast color in two places before it would go over my heel, and even then it wasn’t comfortable.  No way it was going to fit Liam; his feet are only slightly larger than mine, but it’s enough to make a difference in some cases.

This is entirely not the pattern’s fault, I hasten to note; it was me, forgetting that stranded color just isn’t as elastic as straight stockinette.  Oh well; it’ll give me a chance to do the fancy edge correctly this time.

Next question is, do I up the needle size or just add a few stitches at the back seam?

I Think Not

I love this, despite the fact that it is completely impractical.  And the yarn they want me to use for is sure comes in some fabulous colors.  Nonetheless, I am not going to buy five skeins of it, at $28 per skein.  If I decide I have to have the impractical thing, I can find a substitute yarn.