Small Project

Liam’s going out of town next weekend, for values of “out of town” that require a passport¹.  And since modern passports have RFID chips in them, and the border patrol people  consider it bad form to deliberately burn out those chips, what we need is an RFID-proof case for him to keep his passport in.

Apparently, this can be done with aluminum foil stuck to duct tape.  Not very aesthetic, though, so I’m going to make a decorative cover with a quilt block.  At the moment the front runner is a block called Old Favorite; he’s got about 12 hours to change his mind before I actually cut into fabric.

Personally I think the fabrics he chose are ugly.  But it’s not my passport cover, so it can be ugly to me all it likes.

1: For a week or so there it looked like I’d be needing one too, but a new passport on a rush basis was too much money.  So he just renewed his.  I should get one anyway soonish, just because I’d like to someday visit Canada again.



I feel like starting something epic.  I don’t know what.  If I could find the first half of the Neverending Tablecloth, I’d work on that, but being unable to find all the work I’ve already done makes me loathe to put more work in.

I have fabric for some quilt blocks, black-and-white drunkard’s path and something with fans involving that cherry blossom print I can’t find more of.  I guess I could work on that.  I don’t know.  I feel all ambitious, but I know I’m not likely to actually do much…

I Am A Snob

I hate quilting blogs.

Knitting blogs are pretty bad, but there are some gems: Samurai Knitter, Yarn Harlot, Knitting on Impulse.  But quilting blogs?

Bad backgrounds.  Bad layouts.  Comic Sans.  Stupid signatures on every post, like we don’t know who writes the damn thing.  Bad grammar, bad spelling, inability to distinguish homophones, grocer’s apostrophes, lack of capitalization, run-on sentences and fragments where they’re not stylistically called for…

I know I’m a snob.  But seriously people, get some standards.

Playing Around

This is something I’ve been working on today:

I know this isn’t the best picture, for which I apologize, but my attempts to crop and edit it met with little success, so you get what came out of the camera.

The pattern’s called “cathedral windows”, and it’s made by doing some origami with the base fabric and then sewing the diamonds over the top.  Traditionally, the base fabric is white muslin and the diamonds are the colorful bits; I wanted to see what it would look like if I reversed that.  So far I think it’s coming out rather interesting.

The two diamonds that have their tips cut off aren’t actually in place yet; they’re only basted in.  And there are all sorts of little bits of white thread tacking things in place, and I have to fill in the half-diamonds on the sides at some point.  (Also, contrary to appearances, the diamonds aren’t the same color as the background; the flash washed them out and they’re actually cream with a tan vine pattern.)

I think this is going to be a pillow cover when I’m done, not that it matches anything in my house–but what else is new?