Reading Steve Stirling’s The Protector’s War again, and I don’t know why I didn’t notice this last time through.

On page 93, Eilir’s horse, a mare, is Celebroch and Astrid’s is Asfaloth–logical, these two are Tolkien freaks.  On page 95, the horses are respectively Undomiel and Elessar–presumedly meaning that Astrid’s is a stallion or gelding, as I can’t see her naming her animal with the wrong gender, except that in Dies the Fire, where the horses are introduced, they’re both mares.  Page 97, Astrid’s horse is back to being Asfaloth.  Grn.

I’m fine with him having issues with horse gender; it’s the kind of detail that can easily slip through.  But given such distinctive words as Celebroch, Asfaloth, Undomiel and Elessar, would not a global search-and-replace have made sense?