I Want Points

Specifically, grownup points.

I have paid all the bills I need to pay on this paycycle, which is fine, but also I just got my tax refund.  So if I emptied myself out, I could buy a new laptop.  Of course this would mean living on ramen and beans for the next two weeks, when instead I could just wait the two weeks and buy the laptop then.  Assuming nothing goes catastrophically wrong before then that would take what I’ve got saved up.

I am not buying a laptop right now.  But that doesn’t mean I have to not have a saved cart at the Dell website.


If It Weren’t for Bad Luck

A woman on the radio this morning was being interviewed about people who change their jobs–I didn’t catch why exactly, but it sounded like something to do with how soul-destroying a lot of jobs are. Anyway, at one point she said, “Lucky for her she only needs about $1500 a month to cover her expenses.”

To which I respond, huh? I’m going to assume that “expenses” means ‘rent, food and utilities’ rather than ‘optional things after the basics have been covered’, but still. I knew I was poor, but I didn’t realize I was that poor.