Random Stuff

1. If I were making this for myself, I’d just fudge it.  Since I’m actually being paid, however, I went and bought a circular needle and will be swatching.  Again.

2. You’d think I’d learn, but no; instead I get sick from insufficient food with the pills twice in less than 16 hours.  The only good thing about it is that it’s generally over quickly, and once I’ve been sick I feel better and can eat without worry.

3. Hi, sellers on Etsy?  All those random descriptors of your piece?  Those should go in the tags, not in the name of the piece.

4. The plastic bag Boreas has been living in is starting to come apart, and I think I’m actually risking losing bits through the holes.  It was never big enough to fit the hoop in anyway.  Perhaps I have detected a use for the yard of quilting print I bought soley because I couldn’t resist it.


I think I’ve worked out the root of the reason I’ve been so often sick to my stomach the last few weeks. I’ve started taking a multivitamin that recommends food, and I’ve also got Metformin; the combination is apparently too much for the amount of breakfast I normally eat. My options, therefore, are eat more breakfast or take the vitamin at night instead of in the morning. I think I’m going to go with nighttime vitamin, because getting together a portable breakfast is enough of a hassle already.

For today, I’m glad I have a trashcan at my desk, and the ability to vomit quietly. I shall have to warn the guy when he comes around to empty things…