Lightning’s Heart

Having recently purchased Weapons of Legacy (which I shouldn’t have, because I am poor, but that’s not relevant really), I am really liking the idea of an item that gets better as you level.  The base item has to be magic, but can cost no more than 4000 gp; you have to perform a series of rituals to “unlock” the item’s powers, which you can’t do any earlier than 5th level.  These rituals are based on events that took place over the history of the item and cost money but not xp (and you have to use Knowledge (history) checks and/or spells like legend lore to find out how to perform them).   Also there are personal costs, which are in theory balanced by the powers of the item. I think Altariel needs one of these items, and given her projected career (10 levels of electrical elemental savant) it should be something that relates to electricity.

Given that standard D&D uses the 4-element system (Altariel uses a more “oriental” 5-element, in which electricity is linked to metal), I’m going to go with electricity>lightning>air>mind and use a +2 headband of intellect as the base item.  This comes in exactly at the 4000 gp limit.  Clearly, Lightning’s Heart should grant access to the Energy Substitution (electricity) feat, and there are a bunch of powers on the lists in the back of the book that fit the theme nicely: grants castings of lighning bolt, chain lightning and energy resistance some times per day, gives ability bonuses–Int in this case, of course–grants haste for some number of rounds per day, that sort of thing.  Where I’m falling down is the backstory.

Clearly, if I want a powerful item I should be willing to put in some effort for it, but I’m just totally blanking.  I hesitate to say “Can’t I just pay the gold costs and handwave it?”, but it’s awfully tempting.  The job is made more difficult by the fact that the stories in Weapons of Legacy vary between “This event caused this power” and “This character, the original owner, has a cool backstory, and by the way the item can do this nifty thing now”.

Also, neato house rule I heard lately: Epic characters (21st level and up) can’t be raised from the dead because, if they die, the gods on the planes they end up on look at them and say, “Hmmm, you’re useful; you’re sticking around.”


Weapon Properties for Comment

Silvering: This property can only be applied to missile weapons.  Any ammunition fired from a silvering weapon becomes alchemical silver until it hits something, allowing it to overcome the damage reduction of creatures such as lycanthropes.  If an arrow, bolt or bullet is retrieved after being fired, it is normal and remains so unless it is fired again from a silvering weapon

Faint transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, 10 ranks Craft (alchemy); Price +1 bonus

Adamantine:  This property can only be applied to missile weapons.  Five times per day, on command, the weapon can transform an arrow, bolt, or bullet fired from it into adamantine.  The missile retains this property until it the end of its flight, at which point it becomes normal again.  A missile transformed in this manner is treated as adamantine for purposes of overcoming hardness and damage reduction.

Faint transmutation; CL 11th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, 15 ranks Craft (alchemy); Price +1 bonus

Should adamantine be a +2 bonus, and can anyone think of a prerequisite for it other than ranks in Alchemy?  Alchemy makes better sense for silvering, but I can’t find a spell that transmutes lead into gold or whatnot.  Maybe a force effect…?