The Packing, It Has Commenced

Since I’m going to the airport to pick up Ajax this afternoon, and he will then be taking the Cavalier to drive up for landgrab tomorrow morning, I had to put stuff in it before leaving for work.  I put in: my garb, two sleeping bags, a comforter, the futon, and the small canvas tent for the use of our end-of-War guest.  That means that what we have to fit in the Aveo is the big tent, Liam’s garb, pillows and sheets, toiletries, and whatever sundries we’re bringing (books, cloaks, projects, stuffed animals…).  This should be doable.

Next question is, what do I want to take up for projects?  I have this pair of socks that can be knocked off in an afternoon or less, and probably my tablet weaving.  I think Boreas should go, now that it has a spiffy bag to live in.  I’m not taking the wheel up this year, I don’t think, both because of logistics and because I didn’t work with it much last year.  And possibly the Hwaet socks, for when I feel like being less finicky than Boreas but not totally mindless.

Seriously, didn’t we get back from last War like, two weeks ago?


Frog Monster

I got just past the heel of the first of the Hwæt! socks before it occurred to me to try it on.  And lo, it was way too tight; I had to cut the contrast color in two places before it would go over my heel, and even then it wasn’t comfortable.  No way it was going to fit Liam; his feet are only slightly larger than mine, but it’s enough to make a difference in some cases.

This is entirely not the pattern’s fault, I hasten to note; it was me, forgetting that stranded color just isn’t as elastic as straight stockinette.  Oh well; it’ll give me a chance to do the fancy edge correctly this time.

Next question is, do I up the needle size or just add a few stitches at the back seam?

All Sorts of Time

One of the nice things about playing EVE the last few weeks is that mining gives me lots of time to get other things done.  I’m just sitting there in space with my lasers blasting away; as long as I keep an eye out for the annoying wandering “monsters”¹, I can do whatever else I like.  Thus, a lot of knitting has been accomplished.  I’ve finished a pair of Edwardian Boating Socks, and I’m up to the heel on the first of a pair of Hwaet!  There may be a second pair of Hwaet! in my future, because I have more than one person in my life who appreciates geeky socks…

Boreas is currently my lunchtime project; embroidery being harder to put down than knitting, I don’t know how well it’d go with the mining.

1: They’re irritating, but it’s not clear to me that the ones that don’t use missiles could actually kill me; my shield seems to regenerate faster than they can wear it down. The shoe cables a repent reward near the visible.