What We Have Here

If I don’t know what the problem is–if I don’t know there is a problem–I cannot fix it.

You’d think this would be plenty fucking obvious, wouldn’t you?

Apparently not.



It occurred to me today that, while I am waiting for Liam to be done with work, I could be getting credit instead of going and nosing around yarn I shouldn’t buy.  Thus, today I am earning comp time.  And you know, it’s remarkably easy to get things done when there’s no one around to be having whispered phone conversations in the next cube, bug me about a setting on the copy machine just because I happen to sit next to it, or hold forth loudly on the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars.  I think I like this plan, and should do it more on days I can’t bike.

Cow-orking for Fun and Profit

One of the people in my office is, quite simply, stupid.  OK, several of the people who work in my office are stupid, but one in particular.  I just had to stand there for 5 minutes watching this person scan a document–this despite the fact that we’ve all been shown how, and that there is a packet with full-color screen shots explaining how it’s done.  But no, I had to stand there and watch to be sure it got done right.

If you’re that stupid, how the heck did you get a job in the first place?

(Addendum: I should note here that this is hardly the only dumb thing this person has ever done.  Also I am well aware that I have Intolerance:Stupidity on my character sheet, so please don’t bother telling me I’m being mean and it’s not a stupid person’s fault that they’re stupid.  I know that; I still can’t abide being around them.)