Any Day Now

Still too cold for biking.  I am sad.


Health and Safety Tip

In the past month or two, I’ve finally noticed a correllation that should have been blindingly obvious much earlier. I think it wasn’t because the cultural mindset is not used to cause and effect going the way it goes in this theory.

Have you ever noticed how much the physical symptoms of being cold resemble those of being sad, anxious, scared, despairing? Even some kinds of anger look a lot like being cold. Thus, I propose a quick experiment: the next time you’re sitting somewhere in the winter feeling emotionally cruddy, do something to warm up* and see if it makes your brain feel better too.

It doesn’t usually occur to me to think of my body affecting my mind, but it manifestly does.  And cold is insidious; you don’t always consciously notice it. 

It’s amazing how much my mood can be improved with a cup of tea.

*: Hot drinks, more clothes, warm shower, whatever works.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow…Ah, Heck With It

I know it’s not official for another few weeks, but it sure looks like winter out there to me.  There’s actually snow on the ground in a few places, and it’s been sincerely cold the last couple days–not “exposed skin freezes immediately” cold, but cold enough to require hats and gloves.

Sadly, I am not feeling the winter love this year, for no readily apparent reason.  Maybe I’ll perk up when more people get their holiday lights out.

Mens Sana

I am very chilly, and also kind of anxious about nothing in particular.  I have no idea how much the former may be contributing to the latter, but I’ll bet the effect is not zero, especially given that the physical effects of cold match up pretty neatly to those of fear.

I was perfectly comfortable coming in this morning–in fact, with my jacket zipped I was a tiny bit warmer than I might have liked.  But now I’m cold, despite wearing warm clothes.  I think it may be time to go get some hot water to drink.


The temperature at which I really need gloves for biking in the morning is somewhere in the mid to upper 40s; this has been experimentally confirmed this week with temps on both sides of the line.  This afternoon it’s nice enough to not even need my jacket for going home, though.