I Can’t Watch

I have seen a few episodes of Glee recently, or parts of episodes, and I have come to a sad conclusion: I can’t watch it.

I would love to be able to watch it.  I mean, a show about high school show choir, with better production values than Hempfield could even conceive of?  Yeah, sign me up.  Except for one problem: the cheerleading coach.

The character’s name is Sue Something-that-begins-with-an-S, and I cannot stand her.  Just having her on the screen sets my teeth on edge.  She is everything I hate about authority figures: dogmatic, arrogant, bullying, illogical, and arbitrary.  As I understand it, the idea is that she grew up with absentee parents and a handicapped younger sister, and this is supposed to explain her.

Well, it may, but it doesn’t excuse her.  Your parents weren’t around much, so you had to raise your little sister?  Doesn’t mean it’s OK to bully teenagers under your authority.  The little sister in question was handicapped?  Doesn’t mean you can randomly insult people who’ve done nothing to you.  You’re nice to the one girl who reminds you of the sister?  Doesn’t get you out of being a normal human being and actually interacting with people as equals.

I realize that the whole point of the character is to be a parody of the extreme, abrasive teacher, and that I am supposed to hate her–for that matter, everyone in the show is a parody of something.  But I think the creators took it too far.  I hate her so much I can’t watch, because at any moment she might show up…