Well, OK, it wasn’t as cold as all that, but I did get nice and rained on coming home.  I was quite damp by the time I got inside.  Everything went in the washing machine, after I took a shower.  I wasn’t feeling too terribly chilled, but hypothermia is nothing to screw around with, and it likes to sneak up on you.

This kind of weather keeps up, I’ll be breaking out the sweaters soon.

Mens Sana

I am very chilly, and also kind of anxious about nothing in particular.  I have no idea how much the former may be contributing to the latter, but I’ll bet the effect is not zero, especially given that the physical effects of cold match up pretty neatly to those of fear.

I was perfectly comfortable coming in this morning–in fact, with my jacket zipped I was a tiny bit warmer than I might have liked.  But now I’m cold, despite wearing warm clothes.  I think it may be time to go get some hot water to drink.

I Want to Ride My…

Mum’s planning to buy me a bicycle for Christmas, which is great and I’m highly in favor of it.  But given that gas is $3 a gallon as of 11 pm yesterday, and I’d really like to lose some weight, I rather wish she’d just buy the darn thing now.  I’m perfectly willing to have it be early and not get a big present in December; I am not going to sulk.

Plus, it’ll be cold in December, which means I won’t really get started till spring.  Sigh.