Oh, Cool

Check out the Back to the Future photo series.


Me, Obsessive?

So I posted that thing about Zentangles the other day, and ever since?  Well, I’ve got this little blank book I bought a few years ago, that’s been sitting on a shelf waiting for something to be worthy of it. 

Four pages are now covered in random doodles, otherwise known as “Zentangles”.  I dunno if the whole book’s going to get filled up, or if there’s going to be text, but I know what it feels like when I get into something and this is totally it.  I even forgot to bring my cathedral windows quilt with me to work today.

My Kind of Art

When I doodle, I’m generally aiming for stuff like this: Zentangle.

I am not going to be buying any of their supplies, mind you; I can doodle just fine on my own.  But it’s nice to see someone else getting into this kind of thing.