I was reading Tsock Tsarina’s post about one of her recent designs, Two Cassandras, and came upon this quote:

The gift of prophecy is itself a dubious one, perhaps, but all the versions of the story seem to agree that Apollo’s initial intent was to confer a benefit on Cassandra, as such. Not without strings, however; and when she refused him the sexual favors he had come to expect in return, he turned it against her, depriving her of the power of convincing others, by spitting into her mouth during one final kiss.

So…what you’re saying is that Apollo was, essentially, a Nice Guy™?  “I gave you this nifty present and you even kissed me and now you won’t put out!” That is something I have never thought of before and it’s kind of cool to realize that people were jerks in the same kinds of ways even all that time ago.

Granted, there was a bit I found less compelling, as seen here:

(That there were kisses at all appears to support Aeschylus’s contention that in rejecting Apollo’s advances she was renegeing on a promise she had made him.)

No. No it does not. Not to get all shrill or anything.  Because, you know, people get to change their minds.

But still.  The concept of Apollo the Nice Guy™ is vastly amusing to me, for some reason.