When I was little, my best friend had a doll.  I no longer remember whether the doll was cloth or porcelain; what I do remember is that she had clothes.  I recall at least five outfits, but there might have been more.  She was kept in a basket, and I don’t remember playing with her much–I just remember the clothes.  I always wanted a doll with clothes.

As a teenager, I found a doll pattern with patterns for several outfits–a party dress, a day dress, a coat.  I don’t think she had any pants outfits, being a rather Victorian girl.  I made the doll, and several dresses for her, but I don’t know where she and her patterns ended up.  These days, none of the pattern manufacturers I have easy access to seem to have patterns for dolls with more than one dress.

Thus, I have begun my quest: I’m searching the web for a nice doll pattern, with at minimum patterns for a dress, a blouse, and a skirt and pants.  I can make one for myself, and maybe also for others.


Playing Around

This is something I’ve been working on today:

I know this isn’t the best picture, for which I apologize, but my attempts to crop and edit it met with little success, so you get what came out of the camera.

The pattern’s called “cathedral windows”, and it’s made by doing some origami with the base fabric and then sewing the diamonds over the top.  Traditionally, the base fabric is white muslin and the diamonds are the colorful bits; I wanted to see what it would look like if I reversed that.  So far I think it’s coming out rather interesting.

The two diamonds that have their tips cut off aren’t actually in place yet; they’re only basted in.  And there are all sorts of little bits of white thread tacking things in place, and I have to fill in the half-diamonds on the sides at some point.  (Also, contrary to appearances, the diamonds aren’t the same color as the background; the flash washed them out and they’re actually cream with a tan vine pattern.)

I think this is going to be a pillow cover when I’m done, not that it matches anything in my house–but what else is new?


Does it surprise anyone that I think this quilt is awesome?

It’s complex, and colorful to the point of being almost garish.  Of course I like it.  Never mind that I’ve sworn off quilts, and that that much appliqué is more handwork than even I am interested in doing.  I still love it.

The pattern’s about $30, but given that the jpeg I linked to can be expanded to nearly full size I think I could come up with a nice close approximation on my own.

Blue Velvet

I have finally gotten started on a new advent calendar–a thingie upon which you put an ornament every day counting down to a holiday.

I want this to be of a higher quality than the felt one I used to have.  That was gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but I’m planning to do this one mainly in embroidery, with some other bits thrown in, and one of the things I want to do is a lace snowflake.  I tried knitting it, but the smallest needles I own produced a snowflake with about twice the diameter I wanted.  C’est la vie; I have bitten the bullet and am working on a needlelace snowflake as we speak.  When it’s done, I want to mount it on some nice deep blue velvet.

Easy, right?  Just get some scraps…yeah.  Except I’ve never worked with blue velvet, and therefore haven’t any.  I certainly don’t have the spare cash to buy a whole bunch of nice velvet in order to make something and use the scraps for the calendar; the smallest strip I am likely to be able to buy, 1/8th of a yard, will leave one of those annoying scraps that’s too big to throw away and too small to do anything with (especially because I know what kind of velvet I want to use, and any scrap larger than a square inch is “too big to throw away” in that stuff…)

Making Stuff

My dad and I had dinner Thursday night, and he mentioned an idea for a birthday present–his birthday is on the 22nd, a date I could never remember until (and this is rather sad) I realized it was the same as Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

Seems my dad hardly ever wears a tie anymore, but he does wear hats.  So I’m going to take a number of his ties and make them into hatbands.  Should be an interesting project.