Jared Padalecki is 6’4″.  That’s tall, to be sure, but it doesn’t exactly make him a hulking brute, especially given that he’s not built as heavily as Jensen Ackles¹.  Now, perhaps my perspective is skewed by the number of tall people I hang out with on a regular basis², but 6’4″ isn’t giant territory, no matter what the writers of Supernatural fic seem to think.

1: Your Honor, the defense rests.  If your last name was Ackles, don’t you think you’d name your kid Paul or Michael or something?  And I’d put a small amount of money on him actually weighing more than his co-star, because he’s a burly guy.  (Also seriously hot, but that’s irrelevant.)

2: Liam is 6’3″, Jesse’s in the 2″ to 4″ range, Marc is 6’2″…