Take It Off

Three years ago, I had a spot, not quite a mole, on my back that itched at lot.  I asked my doctor about it, and she gave me a referral to a dermatologist.  Off I went; the dermatologist said not to worry about it, keep an eye on it (metaphorically¹).

On and off since then, it’s itched.  Sunday it started up.  Monday afternoon, as I was absently scratching it…I pulled a scab off.  Well, something scab-like, anyhow.  Cue panic, and a call to the dermatologist’s office.

Had my appointment this morning.  They looked at it, said it was likely still nothing much to worry about, and asked if I’d like to have it removed and biopsied anyway just as a precaution and nerve-soother.   So that’s what we did.  I imagine it’s going to start being kind of annoying once the lidocaine wears off, and I’ll have yet another mole-removal scar².  It’ll take 10 days or so for them to get back to me on the results, which I imagine will be along the lines of “You made it bleed/seep by scratching it and that’s the scab that came off.”  But I won’t care, because it’s now gone and I don’t have to worry about it any more.

1: Had to be metaphorical because it’s in the middle of my back, just to the left of the spine and above the lumbar vertebrae by an inch or so.  It would be easier for me to see if it were on the back of my skull, because at least then I’d be able to do that trick with mirrors.

2: I scar easily; no idea why, other than “genetics” which doesn’t actually explain anything in this case.  But a scar in the middle of my back is about as non-disfiguring as scars get.


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