Small Project

Liam’s going out of town next weekend, for values of “out of town” that require a passport¹.  And since modern passports have RFID chips in them, and the border patrol people  consider it bad form to deliberately burn out those chips, what we need is an RFID-proof case for him to keep his passport in.

Apparently, this can be done with aluminum foil stuck to duct tape.  Not very aesthetic, though, so I’m going to make a decorative cover with a quilt block.  At the moment the front runner is a block called Old Favorite; he’s got about 12 hours to change his mind before I actually cut into fabric.

Personally I think the fabrics he chose are ugly.  But it’s not my passport cover, so it can be ugly to me all it likes.

1: For a week or so there it looked like I’d be needing one too, but a new passport on a rush basis was too much money.  So he just renewed his.  I should get one anyway soonish, just because I’d like to someday visit Canada again.

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