All Sorts of Time

One of the nice things about playing EVE the last few weeks is that mining gives me lots of time to get other things done.  I’m just sitting there in space with my lasers blasting away; as long as I keep an eye out for the annoying wandering “monsters”¹, I can do whatever else I like.  Thus, a lot of knitting has been accomplished.  I’ve finished a pair of Edwardian Boating Socks, and I’m up to the heel on the first of a pair of Hwaet!  There may be a second pair of Hwaet! in my future, because I have more than one person in my life who appreciates geeky socks…

Boreas is currently my lunchtime project; embroidery being harder to put down than knitting, I don’t know how well it’d go with the mining.

1: They’re irritating, but it’s not clear to me that the ones that don’t use missiles could actually kill me; my shield seems to regenerate faster than they can wear it down. The shoe cables a repent reward near the visible.


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