Friday Five

  1. If you won a $500 gift card to any store in the world, what store would you choose? It would heavily depend on how broke I was feeling.  Really broke, grocery store.  Only sorta broke, fabric store for clothes.  Not broke, likely a bookstore.
  2. What’s something you can do now that you couldn’t do five years ago? Watch TV shows on my computer at home.  Unless the question is “what new skills do you have”, in which case I seem to have finally worked out how to read crochet patterns.
  3. Quick, what’s the FIRST song you can think of with the word “crazy” in the title? The Patsy Cline one.
  4. Complete this sentence: Life’s too short for _________. …dealing with idiots.
  5. Do you have any special Friday-only treats?  I would say hotdogs, for the joke, but I don’t actually do that, so no.

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