I feel like starting something epic.  I don’t know what.  If I could find the first half of the Neverending Tablecloth, I’d work on that, but being unable to find all the work I’ve already done makes me loathe to put more work in.

I have fabric for some quilt blocks, black-and-white drunkard’s path and something with fans involving that cherry blossom print I can’t find more of.  I guess I could work on that.  I don’t know.  I feel all ambitious, but I know I’m not likely to actually do much…


One Response to “Epic”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Haha, ambitious yet mentally apathetic once the brain starts adding up all the time it’ll take to do whatever you choose! I hate when that happens. Myself, I’ve been busy staring at sheets of paper, trying to make a template of a design for something. Was going to be 6×6, but the Misses thought that was too large after I spent like hours mapping out lines and rules and cutting out stuffs, gah! When I can recite just how many sixteenths of an inch certain sections are, I know I’ve been staring at a meter stick for awhile.

    So now it is currently 4×4… *Sigh.*

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