Cue Disney Song

Irregular Webcomic today has a discussion of Siamese cats and why they have the color pattern they have.  The short form is, they have a mutation in their melanin that means it only gets dark at cool temperatures, and the extremities are cooler than the main body.  (If the mutation worked the other way, Siamese cats would be dark on the body and light on the face, legs and tail.)  People who are going to be showing their Siameses often put the cats in little jackets for a week or so beforehand to make sure the body stays nice and warm, and therefore pale.  But all of this is not why I’m posting about the strip.

I’m posting because one of the photos, of the Siamese cat in Finland, was taken by someone I know.  We’re not close these days–in fact, in theory it could be some other Elissa Ernst in Finland.  But that’s not such a common name, and I know Lissa has visited Finland on several occasions and in fact lives there these days.  So I’m thinking it’s probably the Elissa Ernst I know.

I will now sing the Disney song.  You all know the one.


2 Responses to “Cue Disney Song”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    That frog and Cthulhu comic is great! Though, do they ever state in actual terms what he is supposed to sound like? Based on the text I’d say a turkey gobbling.

    Keen eye on catching the name of your bud in there. The poster was very open to mentioning the creative commons for each picture, I noticed. Probably could have just bunched that into a References section at the bottom to avoid the jumbo mumbo.

    We are Si-a-mese if we please. *Row!*

  2. Carrie Says:

    As for what Cthulhu is supposed to sound like, you’d have to ask HP Lovecraft. For one thing, stuff like “fthagn” is what people who’ve been driven mad by too much exposure to Old Gods are supposed to say, not necessarily Cthulhu himself; I suppose it’s not unreasonable to guess that the mad people are speaking Cthulhu’s language, though.

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