OK, here’s the deal: First five people who comment here get something from me before the end of the year.  It won’t be huge, and I’m not promising knitting, but something.  This will mean you’ll have to give me contact information of some sort, if I don’t already have it.

There is a catch: You have to post to your blog, and make something for five other people.

Let’s see if we can get something going.  I caught the meme here.


9 Responses to “Giveaway”

  1. KMJ Says:

    Hey Lady;

    I’m gonna need your email address to make you something from my place.

  2. Carrie Says:

    Yeah, but you don’t make me something; I make you something. You make things for people who comment on your blog. 🙂

  3. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    I’ll take up that challenge! As long as you don’t mind making something the Misses would enjoy, and not feel weird about mailing it to “Encrazed Crafts” instead of our actual names ^_^

  4. Carrie Says:

    Cool! How do you want to get me your mailing address?

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      If you wouldn’t mind sending an email to this name, just tack on a gmail at the end? (I’d type it out exactly, but I’m trying to avoid the spam bots who auto search stuffs.) Which reminds me, I should really check my mail on that account haha

  5. Keep the Craft Alive: Knitting It Forward « Encrazed Crafts Says:

    […] bud of mine by the name of Carrie is a fan of fancy stitchings and she made a post regarding Knit it Forward the other day. […]

  6. Foucault Peck-Malchiodi Says:

    Considering I make handmade cassettes, CD’s, and record covers constantly for people does that count? I want something free! =)

  7. Pouncealot Says:

    I found your blog via Encrazed Crafts…
    Oh sounds like fun, I have a small business. I make all natural skin care products; handmade soaps, body butters, and lotions. I even make beaded jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Drop me a line, tell me what you’d prefer and I’ll whip something up before the end of the year.

    Hmm, perhaps I should start posting some of my creations on my gaming blog, I’m trying to move away from ‘just gaming’ topics.

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