No More Projects!

Four Arts and Crafts style embroidered doilies, arranged verticallyI love the doilies in this picture (which links to the website I got it from, by the way).  My favorite is probably the blue and green one at the bottom, and I can’t decide between the white flowers at the top and the orange ones second down.  The little nosegays of white second from the bottom are kind of dull, in my opinion, but the other three are all fab in their own ways.

The thing is, I could totally duplicate these if I wanted to.  The patterns are fairly simple and stylized, and I could get myself some tan linen and some bobbin lace and draft things out.  It wouldn’t be an exact match, if for no other reason than that there’s absolutely no indication of size in the photo, but I can make some educated guesses–those green solid crescents, for example, are unlikely to be more than an inch thick lest the satin stitch start going funny.  It’d also be a pain to exactly match the lace, but an exact match wouldn’t be required to produce the correct effect.

But then what would I do with them?  I don’t have an embroidered-doily kind of house, sadly, and I find it unlikely that I’d be able to sell each one for the roughly $150 it would cost me in materials and effort¹.  Plus, really, I have enough crafts projects floating about as it is.

I think I’ll just have to keep the picture around and examine it longingly from time to time.

1: Actually, at the rock-bottom rate of $10 an hour it’d probably be more like $300, once all was said and done.  I’m looking at it thinking, hmm, that’d be maybe 10 hours of embroidering, which means it would probably be 25 to 30 once I got going.