Street Preaching

I wonder why Christians stand on street corners and preach.

I mean I wonder about Christians specifically.  I totally get the impulse to share something cool, for example, so the mere fact that someone might think their religion was cool enough to share does not puzzle me.  And if your religion is, say, Thelema, it makes a very small amount of sense to think that J Random Person has never heard of it (likely) and might be enlightened if se did (unlikely).  This is not the case for Christianity, and no it doesn’t matter what particular variety of it you may practice.

I mean, seriously, is there anyone in the US who speaks English who’s never heard of Jesus Christ?  And I’ll bet you serious money that 90% of those people could give a decent rundown of some important facet, like the Nativity story (heck, you can get that from Charlie Brown), or the idea of confession (many, many TV shows and movies), or the whole “died for our sins” thing.  I mean, yeah, people get confused on the finer points, like the fact that the Immaculate Conception does not in fact have anything much to do with Jesus, but the broad outlines?  We know.  We have heard.  We understand that you think we’re going to go to Hell when we die.  What exactly makes you think that you are the special, perfect snowflake who’s going to put it into words so eloquently that this time we’ll smack ourselves on the forehead and decide to come to church on Sunday?  Or are you just doing some sort of weird performance art for your own benefit?

All of this leaves out the specific Biblical prohibition on praying in public, by the way, because the street corner preacher types don’t tend to like it when someone they’re trying to “save” knows more about their own doctrine than they do.


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