Becoming Clear

I think I’m realizing why the former occupant of this cube wanted to move out of it.  She claimed at the time that she could smell the restroom, which is patent nonsense as the cleaning schedule is perfectly adequate; we all thought she was just being snippy about wanting her own office.

But having been here six months or so, I’m thinking perhaps that wasn’t everything.  The problem is the cube’s neighbor.

I like the person who’s in the next cube over; she’s nice enough and worth talking to.  But the woman just will not stop bitching.  There’s the My Boss Is Mean bitch, and the My Husband Doesn’t Love Me bitch, and the I Have To Work Late Periodically bitch…those are the big three, with digressions into whatever’s bugging her today.

To be fair, she does make an effort to keep things quiet; it’s not like she’s having these discussions at full volume.  Of course that means I only get about 3 words out of 5, for that lovely half-a-conversation effect.

And the thing is, she never changes anything.  It’s always the same complaints about the same topics.  I don’t love this job, but if I hated it as much as she seems to hate hers I’d get a new one or at least work on making things more bearable…


One Response to “Becoming Clear”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Phil and I have been working on this with him–he didn’t realize that his complaining so much made him sound incompetent and that it made him feel better only because it brought everyone else around him down. He’s gotten tons better, but unfortunately I think I only have license to correct him because we’re married and I have to put up with it for the rest of my life.

    I have totally switched seats because the person next to me bitched too much to handle. Openly I said I wanted the extra light by the windows, but I straight up told my bosses that I couldn’t stand sitting next to that chick.

    All this to say I sympathize wholly.

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