I tend to believe in Bigfoot.

I know that’s a little weird, but here’s the thing: over time, there have been literally thousands of sightings and encounters with something that, if it’s not actually “Bigfoot”, is close enough for me.  And if Bigfoot doesn’t exist, that means that every single one of the people who claims to have seen one is either wrong or lying (note that I include drunk, crazy, and tricked under “wrong”, along with “actually saw a bear, but the light was bad” and that sort of thing).

The Patterson-Gilman film (this is the famous one, you have almost undoubtedly seen it) shows a figure that just doesn’t move like a human, at least as far as I’m concerned; those who claim it’s a guy in a monkey suit seem to me to have forgotten that the damn thing was shot in 1967.  It’s not at all clear to me that we could come up with a suit that sophisticated now, almost 45 years later, and even if a special-effects house could have managed it then, could Patterson?

Bigfoot would have to be pretty smart, like chimp-level smart, and all it would take would be a species-level awareness that humans are Bad News for the critters to start using that smart to stay the heck away from us.  And even these days there’s plenty of wild for such an animal to hang out in.

So yeah, I tend to believe in Bigfoot.  Nessie, not so much.


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