Health and Safety Tip

In the past month or two, I’ve finally noticed a correllation that should have been blindingly obvious much earlier. I think it wasn’t because the cultural mindset is not used to cause and effect going the way it goes in this theory.

Have you ever noticed how much the physical symptoms of being cold resemble those of being sad, anxious, scared, despairing? Even some kinds of anger look a lot like being cold. Thus, I propose a quick experiment: the next time you’re sitting somewhere in the winter feeling emotionally cruddy, do something to warm up* and see if it makes your brain feel better too.

It doesn’t usually occur to me to think of my body affecting my mind, but it manifestly does.  And cold is insidious; you don’t always consciously notice it. 

It’s amazing how much my mood can be improved with a cup of tea.

*: Hot drinks, more clothes, warm shower, whatever works.


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