The reason I was in Macy’s yesterday to notice the Calvin Klein dress was because they sell Lush products; Lush makes a brand of henna that I’ve been wanting to try. 

This is not your typical henna.  For one thing it comes in a block, not powdered, and it’s not just henna.  There are other ingredients.¹ Before you can do the add-hot-water step, first you have to reduce the stuff to powder.  The guy at the store suggested a cheese grater, but that would have taken about a hundred years; I ended up cutting it into gravel with a knife, which worked just fine.

Now, there were all sorts of reasons to like Lush henna.  The color is great, and the henna itself was very fine and washed out easily.  I’m not thrilled with the smell, but since my other option is eau de haystack I guess it comes out even.

But there was one thing I hated.  After I washed out the henna itself, my hair felt like it had been coated in wax.  Apparently, what holds the block together is cocoa butter, and it was intensely icky.  I had to get the shampoo out and lather three times before my head felt clean².  The conditioning effect of the henna seems to have kept my hair feeling all right now that it’s dry, but I question the wisdom of adding that much grease to the product in the first place.

Still, good results, and given that I’m having trouble finding my regular brand I think there will be more Lush in my future–aside from the two remaining applications in the block I bought yesterday.

1: The most obvious ones are lemon juice and rosemary, because you can smell them; my head smells like I should be marinating chicken in it.

2: Normally, I put shampoo in my hair about once a week. Slightly more in the summer, of course, because one sweats in the summer, but it’s amazing what having long hair and brushing it can do for distributing the oils evenly.