Friday Five

1)If you could get rid of one or more holidays, which would you remove from the calendar?
The ones that are pretty much an excuse to get drunk–St Patrick’s Day in non-Irish communities, Cinco de Mayo in the US, that kind of thing.

2)Which would win in a fight? Bear or cougar? Be prepared to defend your position.
Depends on whether it’s a straight-up strength contest or if the cougar can use its superior manuverability.

3)Pumpkin Pie…friend or foe? (If you’re not down with the pumpkin, please to be tempting us with your choice of pie)
I dunno, I like it.

4)What is your favorite movie quote?
It puzzles me that I’m the only person who seems to have a hard time picking “favorites”. I like a lot of movie quotes; I need context!

5)If you could cast your very own reality show, what would it be about and who would the contestants be?
I’d redo the BBC’s Surviving the Iron Age, only without silly challenges for the participants to waste time on.


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