What To Do?

I have some lovely wool felt that I bought from Three Sheep Studios on Etsy, and I have no idea what to do with it.  The colors, naturally, are what got me; they’re the kind of deep, nuanced jewel tones that I can’t resist.  I’ve got a 6×8 inch piece of each of seven colors; each piece is about half the size of a sheet of paper.

I don’t know what to do!  I mean, wall hangings and embroidery and the like are great, but it’s not as if my house is precisely a showplace for such things.  I guess I could make something to put on Etsy myself; I’m just a little discouraged by the lack of any interest at all in anything I’ve had up in the last six months, and I admit at the moment the pickings are rather slim.

It feels wrong to just leave the fabric where I can pet it occasionally.  Meanwhile I am being tempted by this bundle, with even more gorgeous colors.  But if having some fabric I don’t know what to do with is bad, clearly having more would be worse…

3 Responses to “What To Do?”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Sigh, the misses is the same way. Always distracted by ‘the shinies,’ no matter what or where they are. I swear she is part raccoon >.> As for what to do with the shinies of your own, why not make some form of gaudy faux gem appliques? Gaudy is always in for some reason or another. Just be sure that you remember to multiply the price by seven or eight times higher than what you would normally charge. It helps it ‘look the part’ if my snooty artsy info is up to scratch.

    How about a wall art in the style of stained glass? Could always place the pieces on a black felt backdrop to make it look like the leading around the ‘glass’ pieces. Layered a darkened border around it and you got yourself a nifty little art piece.

    Completely and way off topic, but I scanned your MMORPG tag and saw you got up to Blood Queen about a month ago, who in my opinion is vastly easier than Sindy and Blood Princes. Did your guild manage to take her down yet, or do you have Arthas shining your boots at this time? Blood Queen should be a relative cake walk by comparison to little miss “As your pathetic magic be-TRAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZEEEE you!” In fact, if she didn’t spam that glass-shattering line every minute of the fight, the overall mechanics would be much simpler to convey to the rest of the raid.

    Typical DPS: “Oh? So when I get marked I *don’t* run on top of the healers and tanks, then?”


    Took three months of wipes until the DPS figured out how to use arrow keys, I swear to all that is holy >.<

    • Carrie Says:

      Felt is kind of the opposite of shiny, but the point holds. 🙂

      We killed the Blood Queen, but we only had a couple of nights working on Arthas before the 4.0.1 patch, which apparently was the end of this raid. I had no idea, and was kind of bummed about it. So unless I can find a 10-man that needs DPS in the next three weeks, I doubt I’m ever going to have “Kingslayer”. Ah well. There will be leveling enow once Cata drops.

      • Encrazed Crafts Says:

        Doh’! I read that they were jewel tones and right away I thought like actual sapphire and amethyst. My bad!

        Grats on killing the Queen, and my apologies on not finishing the raid ‘in time.’ Though, you could keep an eye on trade chat and see if someone needs dps for an ICC run (couldn’t hurt). Dps has gone through the roof since the 4.x patch hit. Guilds can basically steam roll bosses as long as healers do their thang’. And maybe you’ll get extra lucky and the title won’t go away in Cata, as it hasn’t specifically been mentioned as a definite dodo like the ZG mounts and Undying (soon to be) Feats.

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