Did I Mention?

A couple weeks ago a friend of Liam’s came in to help up figure out why the vent fan in the bathroom was refusing to turn on.  The diagnostic process included turning off the power to the bathroom, and this, dear friends, is how I discovered that all the power in my house goes through one circuit.

The breaker box has a bunch of switches, but only one is in use.  That’s why, of the bedroom heater, the air conditioner (which I haven’t actually used in two summers), the microwave and the desktop computer, I can run a maximum of two at a time.

Anyone know an electrician?  Jeff (Liam’s friend) is competent for small jobs, but he doesn’t want to tackle rewiring a breaker box.


One Response to “Did I Mention?”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Offhand, Don’s a fairly competent electrician, so long as you’re willing to ignore the petty bit about licensing.

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