Ding Dong…

Last night my ICC 10 team succeeded in taking down Sindragosa.  Finally.  After about 6 months of trying.

Per tradition, I died early in the 3rd phase of the fight (though I lasted longer than usual due to being in an ice block for the first iteration of her “pull everyone in and AoE” attack).  I clicked on her and watched her hit points go down…and suddenly I realized she was under 1.5 million, and no one else had died.  And it kept going.  And she got under a million.  And then, that was it.

We all cheered.  Someone rezzed me.  We took a group shot around her head.  I got [Rimetooth Pendant] out of the deal (sorry Bleu!), which is pretty much the best hunter neck piece.

This means all we have to do is kill the Blood Queen, by all accounts an easier fight than Sindragosa, and then we can start chewing glass on Arthas.


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