The other day it was borne in upon me that the pile of books next to my bed had gotten too big when Sebastian accidentally caused an avalanche by putting one paw on top of the pile.  So I decided it was time to find a better home for the books, if only so that Liam could get to his closet without having to shuffle sideways.  So I moved the books.

In the course of moving the books, I had to move some things that were in the spot where I wanted to put them, and thus I had to find a new home for the things as well.  And some of them were sewing-related, so they went in with the sewing stuff, which involved moving a bag with some sock yarn in it…and there, in the bag, was the second skein of sock yarn that I’d been tearing apart the living room in search of for the last week and a half.

Thus, the cathedral windows quilting experiment is being sidelined while I finish a pair of socks.  It wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the book avalanche.


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