I Don’t Have to Knit…

…I can stop any time I want.

And if more places sold wool thigh-high stockings, I would be ecstatic.  The only brand I’ve found so far is called Levant; they’re only 70% wool, but that’s sure better than nothing.  I shall have to keep an eye out, as winter approaches.

I like wearing skirts.  I have a lovely wool skirt for the winter, and some nice charcoal grey to make another, but there’s only so much even the warmest skirt can do for the lower legs.  This is where the stockings come in.   And since I’ll take any excuse whatsoever to wear a garter belt, stockings rather than tights are the way to go.  The kind that has sticky stuff on the inside that’s supposed to keep them from falling?  You really have to wear a garter belt anyway, but the sticky stuff gets very irritating (which is too bad, because I love these).

In a pinch, tights are great, but I’d really rather have stockings…


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