I’m making a sock yarn blankie: it’s a bunch of mitered squares, knitted together as a way of using up the random bits of sock yarn that are left after a pair of socks.  It’s fun and reasonably brainless, and I have a bag of little balls all set to go.  Since the goal is a cover-up for sitting on the couch when it’s chilly or on the bed when the actual bedclothes would be too heavy, I’m aiming for something that will cover my queen bed with a little bit of drape; this works out to about 30 squares wide by 40 tall.

However, every now and then I run across someone else’s blankie, completed or in progress, and I’m starting to notice that none of the rest of them seem to be quite that big; mostly I’m getting numbers in the 18×25 range.  I suppose it’s possible I’ve just set too big a goal for myself; it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that’s ever happened…


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