It’s In My Head

I have “Fie on Goodness”* stuck in my head.  This is slightly annoying, but it’s a cute song so whatever.  The problem is that I keep finding myself singing it–softly, and I doubt that the person in the next cube can hear it, but that’s not much consolation when your boss walks by your desk to hear you muttering, “Like the time I beheaded a man who was beating his naked wife…”

She knows I’m a Martian, but still.  It’s got to make life weird for her.

*: It’s one of the knights’ songs from Camelot.  They’re bemoaning their feeling that being nice and good is boring.


2 Responses to “It’s In My Head”

  1. Marc G. Says:

    That’s one of my favorite songs as well. One time, the community theater group my parents were involved with put on Camelot, only they didn’t have enough actors, so they didn’t have any knights. No Fie on Goodness and no To the Fair, which was my other favorite song. I was sad.

    Also, Pittsburgh Public Theater is doing Camelot this year.

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