New Experiences

I have never played a paladin before in WoW, and now a friend and I are leveling pallys together.  The idea is that when we get to a level for it, we’ll start doing randoms as a tank/healer pair, thus guaranteeing queue times of approximately as long as it takes the “Find Group” button’s message to reach the server.

We’re at 5th level now, which means we’ve still got like three powers apiece, but it should be entertaining when we start getting talents and whatnot; I’ve got a good idea of what talents are good for a healer-pally, and my buddy’s played a human paladin so often he says he could do the Deadmines* in his sleep.  I’ve even done enough research to find out what stats are good.

I am having some of my usual “This character is not a hunter” problems, starting with “Where are my minimap dots?  Why can’t I see where the mobs are?!”   And hunters are all about ranged attacks, while paladins have, essentially, no ranged attacks, so that’s going to be interesting to get used to.  At least I don’t have to do my own tanking, though.

* The first Alliance dungeon, and pretty much every quest leading up to it is in human territory.


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